Finding PASSION in gambling


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what ? weh?no way ? ahaha yes way !

we've seen the greats and 1 particular great player who was well off with gambling is PHIL IVEY yes you right ! (correct me if im wrong)
but going back how can we find PASSION in gambling or its just a weak excuse to justify one's self ! , anyhow yada yada yada yada everything comes for a reason whether its a thing or what not , so me playing my way through gambling has a reason or its a reason itself , some say this and that but it all boils that in the person ! yes you ! Passion in gambling is like a jigsaw puzzle that you wanna solve where in a lot fail but a few succeeded ! dang i sounded a schizophrenic =))

the thing is i would just like to say have fun and enjoy whatever endeavour you are doing right now and you may find luck on it whether it is and always remember and be assured some days are low but the wheel of life dictates its not always downs some are ups and cloud nines , Hope you find your PASSION in life have a great day .
I can't help but associate passion in gambling with gambling addiction 😳. Though if you have a healthy enjoyment of the gaming process not exactly related to winning that can turn into passion. Knowing the games and strategies in and out, around the world. Professional gamers.