Festive Season/Donation Season


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As the year is about to end and XMAS around the corner, it is the times of that year and during Covid times that we come out and help the needy ones. It just bring so much positivity and feel good factor when you help somebody who requires your help and the smile and the blessings from them is truly the best feeling you will have it. It's not the bigger amount you always have to donate or some fancy stuff, it could be even smallest things like giving some food to needy, some books or toys to kids, some blankets to the poor people in winter season so that they can feel the warmth etc. Instead of spending big amounts on gifting's to friends and families if you can keep aside some amount for needy ones too it will bring more smiles in their world too.

This could just the ideal start for the New Year for me and looking forward to keep the ball rolling in coming years as well. In advance Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.