Fake Users in Daily Contests


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Hello windice family . best of luck everyone : )

I was checking the WC contest leaderboard then I realized something really annoying.


Screenshot (869).png

ok it's maybe a normal player without Pp .
let's see the stats.....

Screenshot (870)1.png

ok that's not normal. a player with less than an hour time spent being in the 1st place in daily contest ? yes that's crazy
thanks to the security this user got banned . hope it's forever ☺️

but that's not it . unfortunately even after ban the user is still in leader board . and still the 1st one .
even many of us asked dear Annie about it . she said : no one can touch balance on Windice . that player ruined the position so nobody wins it . also she said they can't remove the WCs from that account due to the security measures .

it is absolutely correct . and I understand it but what about the others? the 2nd place to 11th place . they deserve to be in their right place so the 2nd user should be 1st . and 3rd should be in 2nd place until the 11th place

this is not the first time something like this happens . you can see in contest history Day 1423 2nd place , Day 1419 2nd place , Day 1414 4th place , Day 1404 6th place and more.... and it will happen again .

What to do?

1-the best thing is the users before the fake user position should be rewarded as the next tier . for example in this case, fake user is in the first place . and his doges are lost . so the 2nd user (bubuzi69) must get another 120 doges tip to be in 1st place .

2-if 1st option is not possible at least I think they should get some WC after reset . like 1000 WC Tip to having a good start . I said this because I thought it's not fair that users lost their real place because of a crazy fake user .
I personally like this one . maybe 1st idea is a little too rigged

I don't know maybe this options are not good too . I thought it's ok to share my idea here in forum
Wish you all k win big everyday : )
Good effort good noticed! This is already told before and some users have complained in support and written in forum too