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For many weeks now I keep losing the telegram challenges particularly plinko and crash. I was only lucky last Saturday because there were only three of us who hunted for crash challenge. Today I was supposed to be kicked out from winners list I just got lucky again because the other player named onipeid suddenly went missing in action after posting his 72nd entry. But if he continued until end for sure my name is not included in winners list. Again!

What's funny is almost all challenge i join i am the one to post first but I always get left behind even before first half of the contest ends. I always wonder why that happens even if I always make sure I click fast enough. See, even earlier in plinko contest I was able to hit many times quickly and was 5-10 entries ahead other players but 2 players were still able to get passed me and was even 20-50x ahead of me at the end of the contest.

So now I finally came up with a conclusion that, the factors that affects and discourages other players in hunting for telegram challenge is not just the reds they get or fear of losing too much coins but, also the fear of losing the battle because of
1. Super duper bad seed. No matter how many times you change seed if you keep getting real bad seed no green hit will show.
2. Poor internet connection. This really affects the game so much as I have noticed. Windice keeps reloading many times everytime I am in the middle of hunting and sometimes it takes almost 2 minutes for the loading to finish which leads me taking long minutes to post my next entries. And that is because my internet connection is not really secured since first I only use data second Internet service here in our country sucks. Super duper poor. Plus bad weather conditions and flying objects affects the internet connection even more and since my opponents always have very good internet lines, they are able to hunt very fast and post their entries really really fast. Oh even the results of my hunts dont show up quickly like in plinko. The balls keep dropping but results not showing up not unless i try to refresh the page. Which again, taking much more time from me. Hahahahaha
3. Fingers getting tired and stiff after few minutes to an hour of manual play. Autoplay when hunting in plinko is really cool and effective if you set it to jet speed and turbo is on. But not in dice and crash so surely you would choose manual play because it's much faster. But the outcome for that is your fingers getting real stiff, tired and painful. And your hunting speed slowly going down. 🤣
I keep experiencing this and I always hate it when this happens 🤣

4. Wrong entries. I keep noticing this when I am posting my entries. Everytime I click on the entry i would upload, the click keeps moving to the previous entries entered so I always have to double check and make sure I am uploading the correct one. Again, another waste of minutes ahahahahahahaha!

And lastly, limited funds for hunting of course 😂

In this case, telegram hunts is not for everyone. If you have very short patience, very very corrupted internet connections, too many experienced errors like mine, and low balance for hunting, It's better not join specially now there are new players who looks like professional hunters with very very awesome internet lines and seeds for telegram hunts. You'll just end up getting super duper annoyed. Because of the, what we call BADLUCK. 😞
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