EXP ∆ why since 6 months 200exp not enough sometimes... problem vip function


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hello lovelys

since 6 months I'm experiencing that I need to use two time EXP Faucet (level 21+ silver available) to be playable minimum on any Game because it's not updated the Cryptos are up but the rate at exp stayed same getting annoyed when need to use exp again to just play 1 round🎆😣

for example if you're vip and want to use real coins the Faucet function :

Each diamond brings 0.00000004
It will cost you 200 EXP points to claim faucet but the game diamond rate must go up from 4 to 5( up) points. i know it isn't but this also looks like a trick or scam that's why I would fix it ASAP... if I were the boss of windice.io

please fix it even if not all using this feature. they don't notice it

i need to win 3 diamonds in Faucet tool mini game minimum diamondv must be three (not two) play one round on slot 0.000000010 is the minimum required amount to have. that's good but it's too high make it 0.00000008 or make the amount of diamonds 5 (now at the moment it is 4.) but that's why I need to use two times EXP function for just one round

but the cost price of 1 diamond is too less it must be fixed to 5 Satoshi not 4 SATs.

this picture is winning time faucet game
3 diamonds TNT = 12 Satoshi what's enough (minimum needed 10 sat)

this problem didn't existed before paying high EXP always minimum 1 round on any slot. before...
on the picture 3 wins win but if it would be only 2 you must waste EXP points again. if you want to play on windice

Six months ago 1 (one)round was possible, this problem I'm talking about wasn't existing. even if I'm thinking 200 EXP points are too much and a lot I still used Everytime this function. could always play with premium EXP Faucet even if you're only hit 2 times (hitting two time exploding two diamonds in exp faucet diamonds gamel) But sadly it's not working anymore always only if you Lucky and Hit Diamonds -3 less then three times you cent play with the win amount of EXP points... it is not a good feel to waste exp and need to play again just for only one round on any slot

is you think I'm talking about a premium function only for vip users this function doesn't seem to be useful it's more scam off own users then being useful it's ooking like getting clowned.. sadly!

using this feature should not get rewarded without any use of the 0.00000008 it's weird. because the TNT game only 2 diamonds price was low 0.00000004 X2 but the minimum required cost is 0.00000010
that's why please make +1 Satoshi more reward for one TNT diamond 5 Satoshi! (because 4 is too less to play.) set it up to 5 (4x5 not 4x4...)

picture where only 2 diamonds winning is actually losing because you can't play even one 1 round with the reward of premium faucet exp. (21+evel only)

winning 1 time always possible make it hitting diamond for 3 times always minimum not only 2 times like on those last booth pictures

if you're getting only 2 diamonds you wasted the 200 EXP points if you're unlucky even your level gets down and you can't use this feature at all why making a bonus so hard and worst possible???

and happy new year 2024
only 4 sats. i didn't know that. i was so exited to be lvl21 to see how does that work.