Ethereum's London Hard Fork Going Live on 3 Testnets Starting June 24


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Three Ethereum testnets have been scheduled to go live with the London hard fork, a highly anticipated upgrade for the Ethereum mainnet. The testnets are called Ropsten, Goerli, and Rinkeby. Block heights for them are set, with Ropsten set to go live around June 24, Goerli on June 30, and Rinkeby on July 7. This is a major step before the hard fork goes live on the blockchain. The upgrade includes the important EIP-1559 protocol that completely overhauls Ethereum's existing fee structure and is expected to reduce gas costs for users significantly. This could be a massive catalyst for ETH in coming sessions.
Polkadot Soars After Listing and First Parachain Auction

Traders responded positively last week as DOT got listed on Coinbase Pro, pushing the price by 40% to $26.40. Furthermore, the first-ever parachain slot auction went live on the Kusama network. Polkadot's Kusama council passed Motion 310 on June 15, confirming the start of the first slot auction on the Kusama network. Kusama functions like a canary network for Polkadot and these slot auctions will decide the parachains that will be added to the Kusama relay chain. The projects that win these slots will work to provide innovative and inventive solutions utilizing the blockchain.