Enjoyed a Windice Event this 2020?

I am curious about this! How do I vote? Haha. I look into the site and did not find any windice thread? Or I am just too lazy? Lol!
Why not tell us about it in a way of voting for it as Best Event in the

🏆 Bitcointalk Community Awards
by icopress
Or, do you find a Windicer to be worthy of your nomination for a title?

Your vote counts, like your very existence in the community!

That is a nice offer, but looking at the thread in bitcointalk based on the link you provided, I think the event is exclusive for the Bitcointalk community, from moderators to active members. Not about other platforms. That is just based on my understanding cuz upon reading the "description of the nomination", all descriptions explain about how members acted inside bitcointalk forum. Also, as what I have seen on one of the rules, only full time member or higher of Bitcointalk is allowed to nominate/vote. I no longer have any idea if the old members here who use to be an active member of Bitcointalk is still active here today. 🙂

But, if I am wrong with the understanding I have, I am fully open for any corrections.