EMPTY CLASS DAY - JUNE 18, 2021 from Poland


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EMPTY CLASS DAY - JUNE 18, 2021 from Poland

Just like us, they sleep little and sometimes just as they eat, feed, protect, teach, entertain and carefully watch the first steps of children - letting them go when they achieve independence - animal parents. On May 15, we celebrate the International Day of Families, established by the United Nations General Assembly, which aims to raise awareness of the potential and challenges of family life. In having offspring, the experience of humans is shared by parents with hooves, fins, claws and wings. Therefore, as part of the holiday, we propose to get to know their families better.
If this holiday did not exist yet, this year it MUST be invented. After more than a year of non-culpable closure, we issue the National Prescription for Vitamin N-complex to all children, teachers and teachers, i.e. a prescription for Nature and all health-promoting microelements that are hidden in it: the unmistakable smell of summer air, buzzing, fluttering, knocking, burrowing and all other sounds that you will hear among the greenery, needles scratching your feet, blowing in a dandelion, staring at the sky 🌱
But most of all, it is a recipe for BEING TOGETHER. Attentive, take your time. So as to remember what it is like to be a CLASS, a GROUP, a TEAM in the nicest, June circumstances of nature. And to verify whether learning "the old way", "after the pre-pandemic", ie in the desk and in front of the blackboard, is still for us.
Because it may turn out that learning outdoors is more for us now:

✅ no matter what we teach;
✅ regardless of whether we are a city or rural school;
✅ regardless of the age of the students;
✅ and - perhaps the biggest challenge - regardless of the weather.

Stay with us. Be with you! Get out of school. Get out of the diagram. The vitamin N-fed school is the healthiest and best school in the world.

🌳🌲🌳 Empty Classroom Day is a unique international initiative promoting the value of outdoor education. We encourage teachers and teachers to spend at least one lesson that day with their students outside the school building. All this to discover the value of field education - possibly the most enjoyable form of education in the world.

🌳🌲🌳 Do you want to join? Submit your school! Fill out the form that you can find on the website https://dzienpustejklasy.pl/
Take the kids outside -> take photos of your special Empty Class Day -> post a report on our event using the hashtags # Dzien empty class2021 or # dpk2021 -> get a certificate of participation in the action for your school

🌳🌲🌳 Organizer: Center for Ecological Activities "Sources"

Greetings from Poland :)
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