Earn 100 Wincoin by Sending a Song


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Every day in English chat, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm (UTC TIME) the moderator KryaKrya is active to receive music from players and pays 100 wincoins... Follow the instructions and watch this print to understand: https://prnt.sc/0E3H6f1a--_P

1- Go to Youtube choose your favorite music, copy the link, mark the Krya mod and post the link, it will give you an OK.
2 - Go to the radio, the link is on his poster above the photo, on the radio site listen until your music starts playing.
3 - Playing your music, check the Krya mod again and give a confirmation message. Ready !
You can send as many songs as you want but the 100 wincoin prize is paid only once a day.
Success !
This activity seems very fun too bad cant stay that late to join all active users in listening to their requested songs. Already asleep during that hours 😬