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Did Dogecoin drop in price?​

Yes. The cryptocurrency dogecoin is currently worth $0.33. The price for a single dogecoin was once worth $0.74 and hovered around $0.40 in the last week, according to, which monitors cryptocurrency values.

Mark Cuban explains Dogecoin drop​

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently took to Twitter to explain why cryptocurrencies fell in the last few weeks. He said it was an example of the “Great Unwind.”

  • His explanation is full of technical jargon about cryptocurrency. But it suggests investors are pulling out their earnings.
  • He said “new money” will help lift cryptocurrencies. He used the rocket emojis, which suggests that “new money” will send cryptos to the moon.

Will Dogecoin reach $1?​

Jenny Ta, the founder and CEO of, said dogecoins will reach $1. She said Dogecoin will reach a market cap of $1 trillion — it’s currently about $44 billion — which would make a single dogecoin worth $7 or $8 per coin, according to Benzinga.

  • For a coin that’s currently worth about $0.30, that’s a huge jump.
Ta said Dogecoin wouldn’t have the opportunity to reach its high value without Bitcoin there to help.