Does Players Love Rains!!?


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Probably the obvious answer is Absolutely "YES"
But making Rains and Tipping needs a bigger required balance to do so.
That's one of the problem why players are inactive in chats and most of them leave the site to find a better one that can satisfy them.

But if we want to share to other players or to make rains I guess mods can help us only if they want them too.

There is no required balance to tips mods so we can able to tip them and they make it rain so that players may enjoy actively chatting again.
Goodluck to All and More Power Windice!!
Of course most of players here love rains cause they can get some amount of coins for free. Which is the "FREE" things can attract more players to be active instantly. Like on the beginning of windice launched, the chat room was very active maybe there are hundreds chat in a minute (lol).

Does rains chat not exist anymore? Looks like the chat room more quiet than before
That is a very bright idea and move if you wanna share what you have to everyone without worrying too much about your total available balance. Amma do that move too someday.. :) thanks for sharing fuze.. :)