Do not be envious, instead be humble


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We all here have one goal in common. To win big and withdraw a nice to great amounts of crypto coins. Today we maybe winning, tomorrow we wont. For a week, we maybe on our winning glories, for a month we wont. Today some will be winning and some of us wont. Some maybe winning almost all the time while some of us can't. If we win today, rejoice but do not be too proud of ourselves. If we lose, take some break and take time to contemplate. Realize what needs to be changed and what needs to be done. If you see others winning while you keep losing, do not be envy. Instead, make them your inspiration for you to become the better you and learn the best way on how to have better results some day. And never blame anyone for your every loses cuz it's always you who plays the game and it's you who decides your every bet not them. If you see them win big, be proud for them, stop saying wow and congratulations but you actually wish they lose it all the next time they play. If you see them lose big, do not feel happy. Stop pretending your sorry but at the back of your mind, you're actually happy cuz they lost huge amount too. If you see someone winning big amounts, do not request for them to share some of their winnings. It's their descretion if they will share it or not and when they gonna share some. If they share and you are not able to receive or catch some, do not complain. If you see them give huge amount to someone while you get less, stop comparing. There are reasons why others receive more and you receive few. Be happy still that you are able to receive some. Stop asking why and why not. If you receive, no matter how big or small, be contented and be thankful. If you don't, do not feel sad about it, do not complain or anything.

Be happy for everyone's achievement, do not be happy for yourself only. Do not be too proud of your every result yet, will wish bad for others. And if you will feel down because you are losing, do not wish for others to be losing too.

Be humble :)

Best of luck everyone :)