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Hello dear windice family . hope you started a beautiful day ; )

this post is about some facts about BTC that you might not heard it

1- 4 millions BTC are destroyed forever

it's been said that there are 4millin lost BTC until today because their owners lost access to them. like loosing the hard drives or keys and such things
that's one of the most painful things :( . imagine that you have something that you don't know how much important it is in future. someone like this guy👇

2- throwing away one of the most valuable hard drives


James Howells from Wales. he threw away a Hard Drive which contained 7500 BTCs.
whenever BTC reached 1000$ he decided to sell his bitcoins but.....
oh oh . He was at his moment that he knew.....
he... messed up
ops haha

still he couldn't find the hard drive.

3- last mining bitcoin date
I don't know Who and How but it's been predicted that the last bitcoin will be mined in 2140

4- Bitcoin is not infinite
Satoshi Nakamoto , bitcoin developer made a feature that the circulation of bitcoin can not get more than 21 million BTCs

5- the creator of BTC is unknown


you may heard that the creator of BTC is Satoshi Nakamoto . but this is not a real identity.

6- The First Transaction of BTC

this one is my favorite haha
did you know that on may 22, 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz exchanged 10000 BTC for only 2 pizzas. they were only 40$

omggggg . the first time I saw this I wanted to cry and scream loud so loud. lol

let's calculate it. how much is BTC right now?
not 1 BTC not 2 BTC but 10000
10000 * 62671 = 626,710,000$

if he didn't bought those pizzas now he could buy 15,667,750 pizzas

a moment of silence for that loss

haha that is insane . I'm so happy that I hadn't such big loss

I hope you guys enjoyed it and thanks for reading : )

Love U all ❤️