Closed Daily Giveaway ! Updated.

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Every day, 2 winners will be selected automatically. Winners username can be seen from the right on the site, as in the picture.


Prizes will be issued every day at 21:00.
All you need to do is to be as active as possible on the forum.
Good luck everyone !​
hopefully today i will win this contest with first place i stayed active a lot today :)
bono, active doesn't mean being spammy
rule of thumb: when you have nothing to post about , it is better not to post
Clearly stated, active aren't active if you are not impactive on the forum.

Congratulations to the winners who won the daily giveaway from and Congratulations to me the first winner on the list 🥰 i love you all!!!!
Guys, please avoid double posting. If you want add something to your post use edit option.
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Not open for further replies.