Crypto world (best and worst experience)


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I have encountered people who promotes sites and apps via crypto earnings mostly BTC years ago. Have seen a lot of people posting in facebook about btc too. How it can be earned and all that. Been curious but thought to myself that never will I be interested in earning those type of currencies and will never join those types of earnings. But here I am now. A crypto earner and collector. I have finally and officially became a crypto earner just a year ago today. Started first with btc then soon became a collector of eth, bch, ltc and doges. I have started earning on faucets then joined mining sites. But to no luck, I have not earned from those mining before since the ones I have joined soon turned into scam. I got so happy after receiving my first ever big amounts of earned btc in my external wallet for doing data entries. Later on, I then became more interested in earning more cryptos. Joined more faucets, PTC sites, shortlink sites, and more. Even gambling, which is windice Hahaha!! I have even joined groups and channels in telegram to get updated with other free to earn and investment bots and sites. Sadly, my first ever investment experience was bad. I have joined bots that were only good on first to 5th or 10th day then turned scam. And so my invested coins I got from free earnings got scammed. But, I never gave up. I continued my journey in crypto. And because of that, I have been able to earn already a lot and even used some of my earnings to buy loads for internet, and other small stuffs. Now, I have slowed down in collecting from free faucets and instead I focus more in gambling here, doing data entries, joining known legit mining and investment sites, joining on bounties and airdrops, posting in forums and the newest, trading. And it's a nice, fun and exciting over-all experience I have with cryptos. I may have lost big amounts because of those scam projects I have joined months before, still I am happy with all the experiences I have gained and the profits I have right now. So happy to be part of crypto world.

How about you guys, what are your stories to tell about crypto??
Feel free to drop your stories here.. 😊