Crypto Whales Recover Dumped Bitcoin, Reaching New All-Time High of BTC Illiquid Supply


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Data provided by the Glassnode analytics agency shows that the Bitcoin illiquid supply has recovered and soared to a new all-time high at over 14,400 BTC. The chart was posted by the CIO of the Moskoski Capital. It shows that the strongest BTC holders have recovered the Bitcoin sold during the recent dump period that had lasted for around 108 days and put it back to their cold storage vaults for long-term holding. Bitcoin whales have retraced the dumped BTC and now their holdings have surged to a new historic peak, according to the chart.​

" Amount of #Bitcoin held by the strongest holders has retraced the whole dump and surged to ATH. "

This is very bullish.

Earlier, U.Today reported that crypto whales had been purchasing the flagship cryptocurrency on the dip while it was trading first in the $32,000 area and then rose to the $38,000 zone. On Friday, Bitcoin surpassed the $42,000 level and at the time of writing the largest digital currency is changing hands at $41,780, according to the data from CoinMarketCap.
Bitcoin has its own ride of ups and down. We have seen in last few years, how it falls and then as well it recovers too. Though the time length is uncertain and for the long term holders it is perfectly fine to invest on dips and buy as much as possible.

30K range for me was a crucial support and it did break little below but lucikly we just recovered from that and from there the bull run began for me and we are seeing now how well it has start to recover and closing on 40k now mostly. Should this continue for a week or so expecting to move closer to 45k in coming time.
Yeah. And all altcoins will go up too! Bitcoin cash to the moon! Haha 😳😳🙈