Crash game ... some suggetions that need fixing


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we seem to have a weird hybrid of an auto game and a manual game atm.

first in its current form we have a manual mode crash game.. we set the multiplyer but have no option to crash out

this is literaly the point of the game... you see how long you can hold out before you hit the crash out button...

crash out.png

without that option we have an automatic mode.

but we dont have an automatic mode as it wont keep betting at that crash out value.

so basicaly add the option for fully automatic.

crash out2.png

and add the option on maula to cash / crash out before the vule set.. every other rocket type game does this.


  • crash out2.png
    crash out2.png
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this option is only available on multiplayer versions of crash
here at Windice is a singleplayer version (same as Limbo on Stake , for example) and cashing out early cannot be implemented