Colors and its Significance

Which is your favorite Color?

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We all love some or other colors and some of them or a particular color is our favorite color. Most of them would know their significance as well or what color signify or its impact, but in case if you are unaware then this a right thread to read and explore more about it. Color is a form of non - verbal communication i.e without any words just with color they can signify what they want to convey it at times. Like for example White is used as a peace symbol too.

Colors play a vital role in any ads, company logo, names etc. It is not just anything random they use it but what is their vision or how they relate to color has a deep impact for selecting a color. Color is a meaningful constant for sighted people and it's a powerful psychological tool as well.

Color therapy is also known as chromotherapy, color therapy, colorology or cromatherapy. Attention is captured for color subconsciously before people can consciously attend to something. Many times even if you do not want to buy something, you may end up buying it due to liking of that color. Some are so passionate about particular color that in their house or room, they organize everything of a single color itself.

Some traits of colors are as below -

RedPassion, love and anger
OrangeCreativity, youth and enthusiasm
YellowHappiness, hope and spontaneity
GreenNature, growth and harmony
BlueCalm, trust and intelligence
PurpleLuxury, mystery and spirituality
PinkPlayfulness, fun and youthful
BrownWholesomeness, warmth and honesty
WhiteSimplicity and minimalism
BlackPower, elegance and sophistication
GrayProfessionalism, formality and conventionality

Which is your favorite color and as well want to share any experience you witnessed or have obsession with particular color?

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So yeah I like blue 😂. It's enticing, neutral and is the color of the sky-in a bright day, a day which I look forward to accomplish a lot of things. :)