Coherence (2013) by James Ward Byrkit


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"Coherence" is a 2013 science fiction thriller film directed and written by James Ward Byrkit. The feature film is known for its low budget and unique concept, which relies heavily on improvisation from the cast and a minimalist approach to storytelling. It gained critical acclaim for its suspenseful atmosphere and mind-bending plot.
The story of "Coherence" revolves around a dinner party attended by a group of friends. The evening takes an eerie turn when a comet passes by Earth, causing strange and inexplicable phenomena. As the night progresses, the guests realize that they are experiencing a bizarre and unsettling series of events, including power outages, strange occurrences, and the appearance of mysterious doppelgangers.


The film primarily unfolds within the confines of the dinner party, creating a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere as the characters attempt to make sense of the increasingly bizarre situation. Trust erodes, secrets are revealed, and the group becomes increasingly paranoid and fearful as they grapple with the mysterious forces at play. "Coherence" explores themes of reality, identity, and the fragility of human relationships. The film raises questions about the nature of reality and the choices we make, as well as the idea that our lives are shaped by seemingly random events. It also delves into the notion of parallel universes and how a single decision can lead to vastly different outcomes.


One of the most distinctive aspects of "Coherence" is its production style. The film was shot on a very low budget, with minimal crew and equipment. The actors were given only a basic outline of the plot and were encouraged to improvise their dialogue and reactions, which adds to the film's sense of authenticity and unpredictability. "Coherence" received positive reviews from critics and gained a cult following for its unique storytelling approach and thought-provoking themes. Many viewers appreciated its tense atmosphere, complex narrative, and mind-bending twists. While the film may not have had a wide commercial release, it garnered attention on the independent film circuit and is considered a standout example of how creativity and innovation can overcome budgetary constraints.
In conclusion, "Coherence" is a science fiction thriller directed by James Ward Byrkit that stands out for its low-budget production, improvised performances, and mind-bending narrative. It offers a unique and suspenseful experience for viewers interested in unconventional storytelling and thought-provoking science fiction themes.