Chaotic limits for Tips Withdrawals and Trivia's required balances


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hello windice Hustler's,

please don't change the requirements for Trivia Hosters Rain Hosts or normal users Payout there's too big differences between minimum requirement to make a trivia, tip and withdrawal
the wallet amount required in Balance for Dogecoin is more then for other Coins the spagat is high.

Litecoin balance is required four times more (x4) to make Rain that's why I don't do rains I do trivia instead but when I want payout I notice there's again x4 more required to payout other coins are lesser than Litecoin that's why I have to exchange the coins and that requires also fees... it's very chaotic. the fee for etherum is astronomical compared to TRX that's why most users do exchange but most don't even see that it's with fee.

I think you understand what I mean. please lower the requirements for balance to make tips and rains.

you need 33+$ balance for tip u need 15+$ for trivia but for withdrawal 10$ is enough this forces people to payout instead risk 33$for tipping users.. doing rains ... please set everything limit to 10$ or lower down to limit 5$ balance so more users can share their luck without those sense less risks..
take care...

that's all good luck everyone
Yup before was tip on 10$ and now 33$ we can't share little luck with friends please less than 15$ rain and tip