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7 curious curious you didn't know about online casinos


Online casino is a topic that has grown in popularity in recent years. Many people engage in online gambling by taking advantage of attractive platforms and sites. The industry is constantly expanding with new, very interesting game offers. Players usually use proven places recommended by blogs or popularity rankings. The knowledge of online gamblers is usually limited to the instructions of individual slots, sometimes basic strategies or news from the world of bonus offers. Meanwhile, the online casino has a rich history full of shocking facts that few people have heard or read about. Are you a fan of video slots? Check what curiosities are related to gambling machines and online casinos. You'll be surprised!

Surprising fact # 1 - the popularity of online casinos

It's interesting how few people are aware of the popularity that online casinos have gained in recent years. It turns out that many players have switched from land-based casino gameplay options and enjoy the rich offer of websites with satisfaction. The numbers do not lie - only 10% of gambling players are customers of land-based gaming houses. The remaining 90% prefer to play slot machines using online casinos. The most interesting offers of gambling sites can be found in online casino rankings.

Amazing Fact # 2 - Satanic Roulette

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Roulette is sometimes called the devil's game and few players know where this strange nomenclature came from. Well, the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel is ... 666. This number is known as Satan's number and it is not a secret knowledge. Legend has it that the French casino operator Francois Blanc, wanting to see how to win at roulette, made a pact with Lucifer himself. Will it scare fans of virtual casinos? Certainly not. Roulette fans do not need to be convinced that it is a great way to spend your free time.

Interesting fact # 3 - the legality of casinos in Poland

The Anti-Gambling Act in Poland caused a lot of confusion. Many people still do not believe that it is quite legal to play gambling in Poland. However, there are online casinos Poland that have decided to obtain a license in our country, thanks to which players can freely enjoy their favorite form of entertainment. Online casino en is not fiction! Safe and lawful slot machine games are offered, among others, by Total Casino.

Fascinating fact # 4 - the growing number of casino games


Online casinos are not just individual gambling sites, they are a huge industry that is evolving day by day. Popular online casino game providers employ thousands of professionals who are constantly working on new video slots. An interesting fact is that the number of available games has long exceeded 6000 and is constantly growing! The most famous and liked developers are:

Red Tiger
Betsoft and many others​

Slot machine fans are eagerly awaiting each new premiere of video machines. Interestingly, on the day the game is launched, you can expect occasional bonuses and free spins at the best online casinos.

Intriguing fact # 5 - winning without any investment

Some online casino users have no idea about the amazing fact - in a casino you can win real money without investing a single zloty! Many gambling sites offer special bonus programs to encourage players to register an account. Thanks to this, the player can receive funds for the game, which, after meeting the conditions of the bonus regulations, can turn into real cash! Startup bonus sites can be found using popular online casino rankings.

Unknown fact # 6 - where did the slots come from?


Interesting fact # 7 - the amazing strategies and beliefs of the players

Statistics show that many players believe in mysterious systems that lead to an advantage over an online casino. Interestingly, the number of people convinced of the beneficial effects of the strategy continues to grow. Most people refuse to believe that playing slots is completely random. Some of the funniest and most interesting player strategies are:

  • playing only at a specific time
  • selecting machines that are not marked by the casino as "hot",​
  • playing on accelerated spins,​
  • using only one site and one slot machine for a long time.​

Online casinos are a river subject - there are many facts and myths about this form of entertainment. Players usually do not look for information about the history or interesting facts about the slot machines, which is a pity. This is a very interesting issue that says a lot not only about the gambling itself, but also its recipients. People interested in online casinos, please visit Polish online casinos, which offer a lot of attractive games and bonuses.


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These facts can be a source of inspiration for players and help them gain a better understanding of the industry.


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It's incredible how much those who love online casinos do not know about the industry. The facts presented above are just a drop in the ocean compared to what can be said about the online casino world. It's worth learning about new curiosities and using them in your gaming sessions. I play only on bet365 schweiz because it is one of the most famous platforms. I've learned from there that I need to play just for fun and not to make money. In this way, I always win. I understood that it is essential to be relaxed when playing. :)