Casino is evil..


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Money don't give me luck, i stop gamble for now, if you want talk with me on telegram @Tomuki and thanks..
I understood what is casino is evil because money is evil. I'm not happy with that.
Love, family or other are important for me.

Good luck.
Easy now.. Gambling is gambling.. some win some lose.. And always remember,, if you win today,, you can't always win all the time.. I don't really know what your problem is.. you kept telling me youd really be glad to help me if i need some,, but see who looks troubled now..?? Cheer up.. I am one of your friends.. If you want/ need someone to talk to,, you can always count on me.. i wont always understand you,, but atleast am one to give you friendly advices.. :)
Thanks for advice, but i have mean about evil is money... what is casino.

I thought deeply... well i back to windice.