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The distortion corpse is a novelt whose author is a young writer Ahmed Shakir. Ahmed Shakir is emerging as a good Sindhi language writer in a short period of time. The novelt was first published in the Sindhi language under the name Cacharel laash. Later, Muhammad Usman dargahiya translated it from Sindhi into Urdu, which was published in 2022 under the name of Distortion corpse.

The novel revolves around a political activist named chazel who is struggling with his colleagues the novel tries to briefly compose the story of chazel and his colleagues Chazel would travel and spend his life hiding away from people in many other villages, cities and towns far from his home. Chazel would all the time turn around in an attempt to organize the organization and colleagues. He devoted all his time to the organization. If there was ever time from the work of the organization, the suppressed foot would hide and circle his house in the darkness of the night, and before the morning sun Rays fell on the ground, he would load a mountain of defeated heart and strong hopes on his shoulders and leave his wife and daughter for the sake of the national struggle. Agency agent, a contender for the integrity of the country, was all the time looking to raise chizel and his comrades forced. His companions are picked up from different places at different times and one night he is to come to his house in the darkness of the night Markhor (a agency name) suppresses him in his clamps and locks him in desolation.
This novel is the story of the region of Sindh and Balochistan. The word distorted corpse as if has now become part of our dictionary. There is no month in which a teacher, political leader, fighter, laborer, lawyer, farmer, doctor and Shepherd would not pick up Markhor or throw his distorted body into a deserted forest now as it has become the norm for the people of this region the missing and distorted corpse. Markhor often targets enlightened and conscious people who love their mountain desert sea steppes and as if their clay underground who do not accept any occupation of their soil who do not let their heads into slavery of any power who always raise the right of speech for their homeland to their questioners and resources against the injustices committed against themselves. Markhors are afraid of everyone who considers them a threat to their existence who do not believe in markhors and these are the reasons why the distorted bodies of these resistors are gifted to the nation. These distorted bodies then serve as fuel for courage and struggle for the rest of the comrades because of these sacrifices the struggle reaches new heights and continues to grow These distorted bodies are a story whose opening is but their end is probably never and this series will sometimes intensify, depending on the time and condition. The complete end of this series is not possible until the right to self determination and separate homeland, to the strugler and resource, the right to identity and the right of future generations to the best future is transmitted from powerful to oppressed.
To achieve power, perhaps this series will go the same way when power comes to the hands of the oppressed, then this series will end and a new morning of prosperity will rise.