We fixed the dollar, by fixing it to crypto


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Now we’ve partnered with Paxos to break down a financial barrier for people across the world to access the world’s primary reserve currency with the release of digital dollars to our market-leading wallet. The digital dollars, listed in the Blockchain Wallet as USD PAX, are powered by Paxos Standard, one of the most actively traded stablecoins and among the first to be regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. They are pegged 1:1 to USD, eliminating price volatility and giving users an entirely new way to store value, de-risk in a moving market, manage inflation of their local currency, or settle in a fiat currency outside of traditional banking hours.

The Next Leap Toward Financial Freedom​

With access to a free Blockchain Wallet, and the ability to store stable value in USD PAX, financial freedom is more tangible than ever for long-time crypto users and an entirely new wave of adopters. Adding a digital dollar is just the latest in a series of initiatives we have, and will continue to develop, to show you how powerful it is to “Be Your Own Bank.”​

To get your hands on some digital dollars, go to your Blockchain Wallet or create one today to take back control of your crypto.