BITCOIN PIZZA DAY a one historical event in Cryptocurrency world


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Do you guys know that today is the 14th year since the time BITCOIN was used as payment in purchasing an item in real world? Yes, you read it right. And the first item bought using BITCOIN was a pizza.
14 years ago, that was May 22nd 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoins to have two Papa John pizzas delivered. 🤣

Crazy right? He bought 2 boxes of pizzas using his Bitcoins not knowing this cryptocoin would soon have a very high value. 🤣

According to some sources, just 9 months after the purchase, the value of the Bitcoins he used to purchase two pizzas were worth $10,000 and around 2015, the value increased even more amounting to a whopping $2.4 million. HAHAHAHAHA
Then in 2021, Bitcoin price skyrocketed and reached a very high value of $63,000, making the two pizzas worth $630 million. 😱🤣

According to some sources, on May 18, Mr. Laszlo Hanyecz, a Floridian programmer, announced on the forum that he wanted to buy 2 large pizzas using Bitcoin. He offered 10,000 B.T.C. to anyone who would be willing to order, collect, and deliver them to him. On May 21, he still hadn’t found out who will agree to his Bitcoin pizza transaction but finally, on May 22nd, someone accepted his offer.
This day reminds Mr. Hanyecz that he could have been one-tenth as wealthy as Melinda Gates.

Imagine if he have not decided to buy those pizzas using those BITCOINS, if only he saved what was awarded to him during the first Bitcoin Halving, he would be one of the millionaires right now holding an awesome amount of $623,881,600 million or more in his wallet. Or, if he sold all his Bitcoins in it's all-time high of $68,990 each, he would have made roughly $690 million, enough to buy 46 million large Papa John pizzas at $15 each. Historical right, in the world of Crypto. But also very very crazy.
But who would have thought this will happen. No one knew Bitcoin would reach that very high amount years after. He didn't see it coming. And for sure, what he keeps on saying everytime this date reminds him of the very unbelievable action he made 14 years ago is, "if only I knew better." 😢
And who ever has that 10,000BTC right now, congratulations to him for agreeing with the deal Mr. Hanyecz offered. Good decision. Hahaha!

If you have a high amount of BTC like what Mr. Hanyecz once had, what will you do with your BTC or what will you buy it with? 🤔
I remember this one. A very unforgettable yet very regretful day as well for that guy losing his huge BTC because of his cravings in pizza.