Bitcoin closer to 50000$


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Time has come again of that year where we will see bitcoin crossing 50k . It has being just like other years a roller coaster ride till now where we have seen the new highs for the btc ever of crossing 60k+ and fallen from the ATH by 50% and went till 30k. But since btc always surprises everyone it has recovered from the low for this year and now almost nearing the 50k.

Considering the way it has bounced and the charts expecting to see the new ATH of btc in the remaining 4 months of the year and who knows can even reach near 70k by year end. What do you think about the BTC year end price?
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but according to unknown report.. bitcoin may hit 140k by year end
Happy to announce that BTC has finally crossed back 50k$ and much awaited especially when it had fallen as low as 29k$ during this year and bounced back from there is really incredible and also we know why investors choice and trust continues and should continue in btc despite the fall happens.

Current price is around 50300$.
Breaking 50k$ not top support for now. Due to which it has tested quite a few times above 50k$ but could not sustain for long and dipping back to 48k range now. Will require some support above 50k for achieving its next target price of 60k$.

Lets wait to see how Sept holds for bitcoin and altcoins.
Some hickups happening now as btc is closer to 50k but not able to break the support. It is slightly on dipping side and now at 47k$. Just a matter of sometime now and with new month lets wait to see new highs for Sept and crossing 50k back.
Its finding hard to resist above 50k. We hade couple of days where bitcoin was above 50k but again it has broken that resistance and back to 47k. Some testing time and as well those who look the opportunity among the adversity then its a buy time too.
September month has not being a good usually as far as bitcoin is concerned and we can see that too the drop from 50k to present 42k. Need to see how things unfold when we enter the last leg of the quarter and will when will it regain 50k target back.

What do you think by when we will see it back 50k ?
We'll see after new years 2022 situtation.. it's was there problem war trade US and China, not easy...
From China banned all cryptocurrency.

I dont will think about bitcoin, i switched all cryptocurrency to USDT so stablization coin. You can sleep clamly and end of worry about price sucks from exchange stock!
Money is not made from stable coins, a golden rule. And you are in crypto currency so volatility is the base I would say which in turn has helped the bitcoin to reach 50, 60k etc. If it had being stable it would not even had crossed 10k by now.

So yes if you are risk averse person than that is a best choice for you.
Resistance at 50k was huge and took real time to surpass it above and now in range of 60-65k. It has fallen after reaching the ATH and could not resist there but now momentum in market is back before year end and expecting it above 70k on closing basis.
Will bitcoin make it to the 70k range in next 1 month or will it just stay above 50k ? Where do you all bet on the price range for bitcoin to end on 31st Dec 2021?

Wish it can sustain the 60k par and make a move upwards before the festive season begins.
More or less now it seems bitcoin will be closer to 50k only. Not expecting any big upwards movements now since people are already in holiday moods and taking breaks to unwind before 2022 begins, so might not be any big move expected in last 15 days. My fear is that some big whales do not sell it to settle for this year else it could bring more crack in the price.

Still should be a happy ending with btc near 50k levels as had an eventful year in the end.
2021 ending on a lower note than 50k. The year started with close to 30k in 2021 and ending now closer to 48k , though made a good high 67k ATH this year but effective if we calculate investor made close to 18k on 1 btc if they continue holding their coins through the year.

Wishing a best of the season for crypto investors in 2022.