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Before the big update or shall I say, changes made by Admin for WINDICE, some members complain, they keep losing everytime they play using the coins they collect "from faucet". They can't grow it. Or they always get busted after some rolls made. They keep ranting, and whining. Some even requesting to have some rakeback and cashback to be available here so they can get a commission from the coins lost for playing. And now that the update has finally came, cashback and rakeback even included aside from other exciting and fun changes, still other discontented players have their complaints and rantings. Some players still keep saying the update is useless, a crap and a junk. Even complain that crypto faucet is removed.
Come on guys, some of your request were already heard and granted. And nothing was removed only leveled up. So why complain still.? Before we complain, why don't we make it a habbit to read and understand everything first? Yes, it is kinda sad that everytime we are empty handed we can no longer claim any coins at the moment aside from wincoins. We can only play crypto again if we either catch them from faucet rains, tips, and or, if we deposit some to play since our level is still low. But, do you understand the real use of this wincoins? Try reading and understanding everything that is stated in VIP section under profile in the menu tab before even writing any violent reaction in chat rooms or here in Forum. Understand that free claiming of crypto isn't removed. It is just turned off temporarily while our level is still below 21 or silver level. And don't ever say these wincoins are useless and worthless. This wincoin plays a big role in allowing us to have the opportunity to grow our level faster. You see, our wincoins are there not only for us to buy some decorations for our avatar, and name. Our shop can explain that to you. Not unless, you don't know how to use these boosters or what these boosters are for. Admin didn't put this wincoin just for nothing. Instead of ranting, why don't we just thank Admin for doing everything in order make the site stand out and satisfy some of our requests, and our mods for helping in achieving these big updates. It's not that easy to plan and making them happen. It takes a lot of brainstorming, efforts, sleepless nights, etc. But they made it happen for us to be happy and get satisfied. And please, if still you have complains or rants about this changes, stop bringing it in the chatroom and here in forum. Raise it personally to our mods via pm instead or direct to admin via sending a ticket. Be professional enough, have an etiquette.

And oh, don't dare tell me you have the right to post anything you want in the chatroom and here in forum even if everything you want to say or post are nothing but negative and hateful words. And go against the community policy.
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Latest update:

Good news, the sttings for crash is now available. You can now turn the sounds and the max bet, on and off anytime.

Bad news, cashback is now removed in level 21-30 (silver levels).