Basics :)


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If you are a newbie you should know some basics.

Always remember that:

WINDICE is a BETTING SITE (gambling) which means when you win congratulations!, but if you don't, whine for a moment then play again
(trust me its normal).
It has been almost 4 weeks since i signed up to the site and my experience is good so far. I have won few dollars (which makes me happy) (^___^).

In my 4 weeks of stay, I have learned the following:

1. You can't get rich in one day, so take things slow. (this is just my opinion and i don't know if I should add this or not).​
2. This is gambling so prepare to lose.​
3. The amount you bet is better than which side you are betting.​
4. Learn when to stop, it's called self control.​
5. Last but not the least LEARN THE RULES.​


If you think you are not lucky in rolling/betting, roam around the forum you'll see Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Giveaways!
Also try to be active in the chat for some random trivia games hosted by lovely Mods :)
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Thanks SexyPanda ! That is very considerate of you to take the time to construct that post for all the beginners. It is very important to learn how to conduct one-self, learn how to navigate the site, and to emphasize, make sure you know THE RULES & how the site operates. A "small" mistake can be very costly. So pay attention & don't trip on asking questions.
In theory, everything sounds really beautiful, but in practice it is difficult to apply, since instincts make themselves felt.
Sorry for my post here very late.. but nice tutorial about windice is very good. You said beatiful about "This is gambling so prepare to lose" ! this is important stuff, it's just gambling.
Хах, остановится вовремя это умение дано не каждому :) но в целом спасибо :)
Хах, остановится вовремя это умение дано не каждому :) но в целом спасибо :)

"Hah, this skill will stop at the right time not for everyone :) but thanks in general :)" i used from google translate what you wrote.

The necessary skill really needs more time and develop your skills because you know and how to do it.
More learn up exprience gambler what they say.. they have more exprience. It's strategy + luck but there is no guarantee on casino.
Good luck :)