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F-Cat game is an ETH on-chain based game created by a development team composed of Blizzard, Google, and former League of Legends team members.

What is Fairy Cat No Mori

F-Cat Forest is a sub-project of the "Save every cat in the world" project initiated by Japanese cat lover Rock. It is developed by Kia Game Studio team. A kind of blockchain game.

In F-Cat game , you can let your elven cats find treasures for you. These treasures will become your assets in F-Cat Forest. Your assets can be converted to dollars at any time. Withdraw your assets, we hope your proceeds in the game can be used to save the stray cats or other stray pets around you, treat every pet around you sincerely!

All proceeds from this project will be used to save stray cats on the street, buy cat food and provide cat nests for them, under the supervision of players

The sacred tree, the home of the elven cats

On a small hill in the Elven kingdom, there is a sacred oak tree called the Divine Tree, a giant tree with nine roots that connects the nine worlds of the universe. One goes to the Land of Fire, one to the Land of Fog, one to the Land of the Gods of Warner, and one to the Land of the Gods of Assa. There is also the Land of the Light Elves, the Land of the Dark Elves, the World of the Dwarves, the Land of the Giants, and the Land of the Dead. The land of the gods of Assa is connected to the human world by a rainbow of fire.

The sacred trees are guarded by elven cats, and each green tree canopy becomes the home of an elven cat.


Divine Tree Essence

What is the divine tree essence?

The sacred tree essence is one of the very important sources of the nutrition for the elven cats, and they are produced from the sacred trees in the elven kingdom. Elf cats will grow by absorbing this essence, and will produce baby elves and sometimes rare treasures after each absorption. The essence is also essential for fusing into a new generation of elven cats.

How to have the sacred tree essences?

These sacred tree essences will be harvested every day according to your play, and each VIP level will have a different quantity of them!