Attitude problem (part 2: ridiculous actions)


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Now, let me go over the other crazy things I have noticed from other players. I have been keeping this to myself for like months now but dang this players won't really stop their ridiculousness and worst, they are even too proud doing it.

Lately, there had been too many offensive actions done inside the chatroom. But let me talk about a few of those.

First, sharing the bet result without the player's consent and worst, laughing about it when it is RED. We know that posting red bet results in chat room is discouraged as much as possible and same goes for sharing/posting bet results of others. Right? But funny how one player dared to post someone's bet result and worst he even laughed hard about it. That is so crazy and insulting. To that person who did that, don't laugh cuz you can't even do what that player do. Even half of what he can.

Second, demanding when a regular player and/or a moderator will be doing his/her trivia and what kind of trivia to be provided. Seriously? Why decide when he will do it and what type of trivia to give? Let the host of the trivia be the one to decide when he's going to host it and if he will be doing the guessing game or the rollhunt. You are just a participant, not a sponsor nor a host as well. After all, it's his discretion. And stop doing it even via PM. Stop showing how despirate you are to win just so you can have a prize. That's totally annoying and you obviously are PASSIVE BEGGING. If ever I decide to host a trivia again and I again encounter this kind of stuffs in PM, I won't hesitate removing you from my friends list, turn the ignore button on and report you.
( I have heard one of the players did this, and after he got ignored he got mad. Seriously huh? You got mad because you got ignored by someone for the wrong move you made? Lol! Insanity at it's finest)

Third, demanding the big winner to either host his own trivia or share his winnings by giving tips or doing rains. Pfft! Again. Seriously? First of all, the winner did his best to get the prize. He did an awesome effort that's why he won. And you on the other hand, contributed nothing for his winnings and suddenly, you wanted the winner to share what he won real quick? Lol. How ridiculous really. You see, as far as I've noticed, everytime you win big, no one demands you to make some trivia or share some of your winnings by doing rains. And I bet you also won't like it if someone demands you to do so cuz you won't like sharing some and seeing your total funds going down so why demand when someone else's win something? Discontentment? Or shall I say crab mentality?

Fourth and last, complaining/whining about how much someone shared via raining and then insulting him about it. Wtf really huh?! First of all, like what I said above, it's the owner's discretion. So, if he don't like sharing it, don't demand. If he wants to share just a few, don't complain and DO NOT INSULT. If he shared and you were able to catch only few cents, be thankful enough. But if you werent able to catch some, don't get mad about it. Cuz again, whenever you win, no one demands you to do the things you demand others to do so. And if you do this same action somewhere, pfft! Never do the same thing here.
(I remember one chatter who told me months ago in English chatroom, he is amazed by how crazy I am able to win whenever I play. But complained telling me that everytime I win big, I do not share my winnings even just a few. It gave me mixed emotions upon seeing it posted by someone inside the chatroom. That was so crazy cuz funny he do not know how much I have already shared to other players here and he do not really know how my game ends everytime I play. Again, insanity at it's finest!)

For these people who loves doing the second, third and fourth I've mentioned above, come on. Do not be Damn ridiculous! I see you able to bet and risk huge amount of coins for the wagering, and spam HR using huge amount of coins and winning big. I also see one of you consistently win in weekly forum challenges. Yet you guys still aint contented? You still have the guts to demand, complain etc etc..??
Wake up!
Actually, people like you guys are one of the reasons why other regular players and chatters are no longer interested to visit the chatroom. Cuz you guys bring toxicity.

Now, I have not mentioned any names at all but if you who reads this suddenly get hurt because of what I have said above and you feel it's you am pointing fingers at, then you must be guilty. And I know for sure some of you might be saying, "here she goes again, posting her madness, continuously whining in the forum in order for her to get the monthly poster reward". Well all I can say is, I no longer care if I will be able to get rewarded this month or not. I am sharing this not to win but simply to express my dismay regarding this issue. Cuz other chatters are no longer funny. And for others who think that I'm just doing this because I am too confident cuz the moderators are with me, I am friends with all of them, THINK AGAIN.