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My friends whilst growing up. They always came to me for some reason any time they were interested in obtaining something deemed taboo or rebellious activities. Even most of the older kids came to see what I had to offer and all in all it wasn’t much at the time. But as of then I was respectfully the kid that had some unsheltered experience. Probably should mention that I was unfortunately raised in a rather difficult up bringing. Due to the high intensive paranoia and psychosis caused by heavy meth use. My parents were occupied with what ever thier minds would be stuck on and forget even having kids. Now back to the story. I was going on 15 yrs of age year was 2002 and the party was just getting started. I show up at school one and thru the grapevine I heard tale of some acid on campus. Like secret agent I hunted down the target. Knowing well that I was the only one in the school with any knowledge of the drug. I knew if whoever had them seen me it was on just for fact no wants to do something with someone who never done the something before. Better to have a guide basically. So I’m walking thru the yard where we sit after eating lunch we would be allowed 30 minutes to digest and then back to class. I got a tap on my shoulder turned to find my good friend Garrett. Garrett holding his hand down and between the tables he shows me what looks to be about 6 hits blodder if you know you know if you don’t your cooler then me. So my spidy sense starts going off and I said when he said I don’t know I only want one you can have the rest. Back then nobody was chasing miniature anything we wanted our phones big computer big and our drug doses big bigger the better always said. So to my 14 year old mind I just got the tickets to the chocolate factory. And well I have really never been taught much on self discipline or self control and by the end of the little break I had eaten every one he gave me. Now turns out find out later that the guy he got them from actually only gave him 3 actual hits of blodder and trick him and me I might add. And sold my buddy 3 hits 3pieces of construction paper with little olive oil drop on it . Well he miraculously grabbed a random fake one and suffered no shall we say awkward realization that you were what seemed to be like melting into a puddle of colors and amazing shapes and trasers. Running down the side walk like spilt water. I hear the bell ring and snap and I am no longer outside try to look at the clock to find out how much time had past cause I had no recelection of coming in from break. I’m staring at the clock but it was like I had a incredible magnetic power coming from my body but would only attract what my eyes fixed upon. And the clock had its hands sticking out towards me almost like it was wanting a hug. And everyone one around due to the speed of gossip in a small school. They were for the most part all aware where my head was. They said I spoke in a crazy unknown language but I don’t recall that. I do how ever remember standing up on top of my desk screaming and pleading that we were sinking and the room was filling with water. My teacher called the nurse and counselor because she thought I was going through some mental health issues not knowing anything about the 3 hits of blodder. Well while they discussed what they were gonna do with the situation they weren’t paying attention and a couple students aided me out the door of the class. Well I got in the hall and tore off running straight out side and straight into the woods. I would continue running for about 25 minutes and little did I know I was covering some distance almost 3 miles from the school. Struggling to catch my breath. I take a second to sit down on a felled tree. Whilst resting I was sitting on ground with back to the felled tree. Starring into the sky through the trees and the leaves seemed like they were big as houses. And I was just captivated by them what I thought was something like 10 minutes turned out to be 13.5 hours later when I snap back it’s dark and I am in the middle of the woods. And I’m not fully out of the trip it was the hazy part towards the end of a trip. So I started hearing things all around me and I thought I heard people talking and they seemed to be moving in my direction so terrified of what it could be like a fox I slipped right through a thicket and darted in the darkness through the woods. Like predator or I think I am being this quiet and sly. Turns out that was how they knew to quit looking. So they called my mom and the police when I took off what I heard was the search crew looking for mind you it’s like 2 am by this point. I managed to make 4 miles away and walked in the house my little brother was watching tv saying boy you’re in trouble. The laws and everyone looking for you why you take off running told him the school was sinking went in my room a passed out only to be awoken by police officers and a pissed mother cause the cops were in the house. Crazy day but thats how the story goes