Are you a real winner? Or are you lucky?


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Gambling has a two winning lucky chances, its either you were lucky by day or someone or something bought luck with you. Myths has these lucky charms that brings luck with how you play and that it also affect your game play. But are you really a winner when you are winning? Do you have this habit of trying to bash out the luck of others?

Tips on how to manage the luck and becoming the real winner you might be.

1. Enjoy your luck!
You might notice that there is a certain time or day you are lucky. Just feel it, enjoy it while it last. The thing here at windice you can say your lucky it by seeing that there are a lot of greens than usual. And also hitting you're target more than thrice in just small bet counts. So enjoy your lucky day and do not get too greedy.

2. Make it a habit to be happy when others are getting lucky and be inspired!
I notice that many at windice chat are sharing a lot there lucky wins and I get inspired hunting and learning new strategies that could make me lucky one day!

3. Don't wash out the luck of others by sharing lot of red bets.
One thing that send bad lucks are those who share hates and red bets. Though its not all the red bets they mostly used to share them. Hey please don't share a lot! Haha. These makes other users to not visit the chatroom.

4. Let others feel their luck!
Congratulates those that are winning. And let them feel the luck. Don't bash away their luck!

Good luck and be your own lucky charm and be the lucky charm to others!