Alt coins that is most used in betting and why?

Doge coin was the great after Ripple for gambling, because of the low-transaction fee and also the speed transaction between each wallet can be a quick one. I don't really care about the value within these coins, because of really cheap to buy for 1 coin, so you can play or maybe using safest strategy, or just testing some games.
To me the coins valued at single digit satoshi of BTC are perference because no matter how big you lose, it does not impact you. And it is easier to replenish when running short of it.
i choose doge, because its easier for me to bet in whole coin and calculated how how much i had loses or win
the most use on betting would be ripple and doge but for me my most use coin was btc only . idk why but i always prefer btc among the other coin even if the site accepts several altcoins .

maybe because im more familiar with the value of btc . i dont need to use crypto calculators when doing bets ( small or big ) . i dont also have a problem on withdrawal and depositing speed because i can always wait .
My personal favourites are, as I've mentioned before:
  • XRP - Ripple
  • XTZ - Tezos
  • CLAM - Clams (a weird one that I absolutely love for no reason, lol)
  • TRX - Tronix (still trying to get used to the betting ranges)
I wish there were more alt-currencies available here, perhaps in time to come. :cool:
Doge and xrp in my opinion and usually fast deposit confirmation but xrp is almost instant
I tend to use LTC a lot. Not particularly sure why I settled on that, but outside of BTC it is probably my most favored altcoin for betting.