Abba Bya mni Abbali a song with a great message


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"Abba bya mni abbali" a song with a great message


The Balochi song industry is growing at an unstoppable full-stop, and the songs of Balochi are loved worldwide.

A few times back, Cock Studio released one famous Balochi song, which popularity in a short period like an eye-blink. After that, another piece was released on the occasion of Eid by Khair Jan Baqri, known as ”Bazaag Abba mni Abba Mni.” This song directly rocked and has given a new shape to the Balochi song industry. The song’s lyrics are indeed heart-touching, including its verses, and it all talks about the circumstances of Balochistan.

Here are some sonnets of the songs which can make anyone feel the pain of any nation. In the first four verses of the piece;

“Abba mni Abba mni,

Abba mni bya abbali,

Mah bi tara sak bazage,

Droge wahdar ma zindage.”

The poet dedicates these verses to those mothers whose children forcefully disappeared, and their mothers are expressing their agonies in severance of their offspring. Each day, they long for their abducted child to be released.

“Tho bandehe baare koja,

Hala meh gende Huda,

Chencho hazabe he eda kaptage,

Gojne dil gu wati waptage,

Kaase nahete me moskil o,

Loge mehi pora Karbala.”

The enforceable disappeared persons are incarcerated in secret cells about which no one has an idea. Even innocent people are made the victim of enforced disappearance and were breadwinners of their families. When they were picked up, their family became the victim of poverty and tearful for awaiting their abducted sons, fathers, and brothers. They are suffering from starvation, and no one cares about their sufferings and hardships but avoids paying a visit to these victims’ families’ homes with suspects that they may not face any retribution.

“Kamo wadariga he,

Bache mni tho kadi kahe,

Zaheera thiga mah koora,

Thati mayar ha mn kamzoora.”

In these verses, the mother is wailing for the safe return of her children. Every day tearful eyes and seeing the way for their loved ones (children) caused her blindness. Further, it says that awaiting a lot for the children made every mother weak and unable to move from the bed.

“Choka thi genda mni tarki jagar,

Chonde pa naana dahante habar.”

Here the circumstances of abducted people’s children are described. The grandchildren make a mother feel the absence of her disappeared family member, who was forcefully disappeared in an unknown dungeon without even committing a crime. In addition, it also elaborates that the children of missing persons are in terrible conditions and are rebuked as begging for a piece of bread. That means they always cry and long about rejoining their family members.

Thus, this has not left any circumstances in Balochistan, and everything is well-covered. The words are the consistent power to aggravate anyone’s tears. It is hoped that the Balochi music industry works more on such songs to highlight the plight of aggrieved families in Balochistan.