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Windice is the best online casino in my eyes. Not only because of the great events that are organised all the time. Even the sites token wincoin and it’s usage is a great feature of the site.

Windice also has many exciting automated chat features. You can use chat commands to show your actual balance or crypto prices aswell as making trivia questions. Trivia questions then automatically reward the winner when somebody writes the answer that the maker has written when making the question.

Today in chat I saw a new message of windice after the latest update:

I became really curious when I saw this message so I clicked on it to see what will happen. I then came on a page with this message:

As you can see it seems to be a new feature to host the tvt tournament. When i click on current or history it gives an error aswell as it says ”beta” so this feauture seems not to be working yet.

My guess is that this feauture automatically will let all users play the team vs team tournament. Really exciting that windice is developing new features to make the site even better for all players.

I hope this feature gets developed further and is working soon so that we all can enjoy windice even more!

Ps. I know user Dewayne wrote about the same subject but I was writing this post for more then an hour while he posted so didn’t see his post. I don’t want to throw my work so I post it anyway.
I don't know everyone's says something about it but since it's still not accessible Theresa a problem.

It is what it is :)