A Month of Anniversary and Happiness


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Greetings, family I want to talk about the International Day of Happiness first!
Second, I'd want to discuss how you may contribute to happiness in Windice.
Finally, I would like to know about the Windice family's happiest and nicest moments spent here.
so let's begin first section:

Why is there an international day of happiness?

According to the internationalday.org purpose: "It’s a day to be happy, of course! Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness on 20 March; as a way to recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world"; (copied)
Next section, To be a part of happiness in windice.

We are happy here as we recognize our happiness.

On World Happiness Day, there are many ways to express our feelings and spread happiness.
You can reach out with something love and share kind words or compliments. Engage in activities that bring you in windice, like listening to music by mod @kryakrya.
dance into every few minutes crypto rain by windice system or take the initiative, be creative, or bring a game into the chat.
Additionally, you can volunteer for moderator @anonnep's trivia, do acts of goodwill,
and take part in Telegram or Forum Hunt challenges using cryptocurrency or Wincoin.
Through the Wincoin TG and TVT Roll Hunts, everyone wins without losing.
Profit greatly from it and make some people happy with your wins on the Day of Happiness in Windice by your rain, trivia, and tips.
even a simple smile can brighten someone's day!

Final section:
And today is World Happiness Day, as everyone is aware and march 3rd is Windice's anniversary. Here it's a joyous month!

Throughout this, I should ask everyone of us.
Which moments in Windice brought you the most happiness?"

Talk between user @Dewayne and user @salamm.
During the conversation, @salamm mentioned a few major hits and their backstory.
Salamm stated: "well at first i spend like 3000 wc on that from synyster trivia . after hitting the first one i thought it would be great if i hit more 9900x. so i wasted all the wincoins from first 9900x.
a feeling told me that it must pay . i thought the chance was increased because i lost 10000wc for another 9900x
then i tried with some btc, it happened so fast actually i was shocked then i told my self why i don't try crash . then it gave me another 9900 immedietly."
Dewayne replied: Wow it mean you were superb profit with 9900x with btc without big lose of btc.
Salamm said: yes
Dewayne followed up by asking, "what were your happiest moment here" ?
Salamm answered: "these 9900x was my biggest wins but i don't know why but around christmas.you remember daily forum challenges? they were so fun for me"
Dewayne said: Oh yea! i remember those days 24hrs forum challenges.

Salamm asked: was that the same in the end 2022 too? i mean many 24hrs challenges?
Dewayne replied: No no, it was first time they did many forum challenges end of 2023.

Salamm said: so good. came in this website at the best time haha.
Dewayne said: I wish you connect to us as family you will enjoy here feel free to join all activities of windice.
Salamm replied: yeah i agree. i tried some other websites . but windice is something else.
yeah. windice is my 2nd family. cause i spend so many time here. ty again :)

Hope we all have many happy moment together forever in future.

Suggestions: Don’t gamble when you’re angry, sad, lonely or bored, or when you are drinking alcohol or using other substances.