A friend. What type are you?


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What is the real meaning of the word FRIEND?
Well according to
Eleanor Roosevelt, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” Friends are a necessary part of life – as humans, we thrive on community and the affection of others, and need friends in order to make the unbearable aspects of life easier to handle.

Friends are there for us during the best and the worst moments, important voices and faces that join us in countless adventures. But there’s not simply one category of friendship – different people exist in your life for different reasons, and knowing what kind of friends you have can help you figure out what it is you need from these relationships.

And according to Kelly Gonsalves, we will always have 13 Types Of Friends in our llves and there are 5 types of Friends to avoid.
These are the,
1. One- sided friend
2. Ambivalent friend
3. Codependent friend
4. Toxic Friends

5. Fake friends

And the last 2 mentioned are the worst type of friends for me and should really be avoided. Having a toxic and fake friend/s is not healthy at all. They will constantly make you feel bad about yourself, put negativity in your life and will always disrespect your boundaries and drain you. They call themselves your friend but does not act like a real friend at all. They do not behave like a real friend.

*A real friend will support you always. Is and will always be happy with your achievements while a fake friend hates it when they see you achieving something. They are not happy to see you climb your way to the top and will even make sure they will still look better or best than you.

*A real friend will laugh with you not laugh at you. Will have fun with you, not make fun about you. They will fight alongside you not fight with you. And they will light a way for you and lead you to right path not lead you to misery.

*A real friend knows how to give way for you specially if they know you need it more than them. It's called self sacrifice just for the friendship to become stronger. While a fake friend will pretend they are willing to give way for you but the truth is they want to get more than what you wanted and doesnt really want to give you a chance to win even once.

*A real friend will not say something to hurt your feelings even if "it's just a joke". Because a real friend knows that not all jokes are funny. They will not say anything bad that will surely insult you. While fake friends are inconsiderate and TOXIC. They will keep annoying you, insult you even infront of others and will not stop even if it's too obvious you are already hurting. They will even tend to say bad things against you at your back. They will keep playing with your feelings.

*A real friend is considerate, empathetic, and reliable. While a fake friend is only there when they need something from you but is unreachable when you needed them the most. Just like what the licensed marriage and family therapist Tiana Leeds, LMFT, said, "A quality friendship includes support, loyalty, and closeness—three things you cannot find in a fake friend,"

It's important for us to have different types of friends. For us to continue having a fun, adventurous, exciting life. And we all get and can have a wide group of friends. However, we should not allow ourselves getting involved with negative types of friends because they will not bring any good in our lives specially if their main goal is to only put you down and hurt you all the time.

Just like the saying. "Collect and collect then select." Hahahaha. And the saying, "It's better to have only a few as long as they're real than have too many but all of them are fake."

So friends, choose wisely. Good day 😁
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i dont have any friends cause i dont believe in friends. its family or nothing and i dont just mean blood relatives. i mean the people you will die for and the people that will die for u. "friends" always fade away from your life eventually. family is with u forever.
Hi ma friend wassup wassup here now 😆 missyow ma friend 😆 tke care always drop by in our house if you hve time my mom misses you 😚