6 Million ETH Staked in Ethereum 2.0


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ETH 2.0 reached an important milestone last week as it surpassed a total of 6 million staked Ether. The Ethereum Launchpad, a portal where validators can stake their coins on ETH 2.0, shows over 6 million staked by over 180,000 validators. This development is made even more significant considering the fact that when ETH 2.0 went live last December, the Ethereum foundation required only a minimum of 524,288 ETH to be staked before launching. In the short span of 6 months, the number of validators has grown by almost 10X the minimum requirements.
$30 Billion Staked in ADA As First Smart Contract Testnet Goes Live

On 27th May, Cardano launched its first Alonzo smart contract testnet and in June it was confirmed to have the capacity to run smart contracts. This summer, we could see full smart contract implementation on the network and in anticipation of that, Cardano surpassed $30 billion worth of ADA staked last week. That is approximately 72% of ADA's total circulating supply staked. This makes ADA the biggest cryptocurrency in terms of staked value with ETH coming in at a distant second ($12 billion staked). Investors remain bullish on Cardano as the implementation of smart contracts would represent a significant milestone in its development.
that's huge number of staked volume . i have invested in eth little bit hoping for good return .