2022 Resolution


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Wishing all a very marvelous 2022 and best wishes for the year.

Many of us would have achieved our 2021 resolution or might not being able to complete it due to some or other reason. A New Year bring new hopes and gives us another chance to achieve it. Lets ensure this year we do achieve our goal and lets set it now.

So for this year what are your plans/goals that you would like to tick it off the checklist?

I have started with a conscious efforts to stay agile not only mentally but as well physically. With that have allocated an hour slot for the health driven purpose. This just makes you feel so much fresh mentally as well and physically when you get going with either Jog, exercise your body reacts in a positive manner.

What are you working on your resolution goals?
We have completed a month now of 2022 and how many have actually broken their new year resolution or continuing with full passion?
2 months done of 2022. What's your status of the resolution how much intensity and seriousness you are following with it?

Lets ensure we are up with it and keep it continued.
I'm a bit late but since I still have my resolutions going strong I'll share:

1. Go back to college for a different degree, start out strong by passing all my classes with an A or B. (Looking good, A's on my midterms.)
2. Stay more connected with friends and family.
3. Exercise!
4. Game at Windice smarter, use more self control. Do not re-deposit after a losing streak, take a break. ;)
Its that time of the year to check our checklist and tick off whatever we had planed for 2022 and rate ourselves how did we faired on all those goals. Did we achieve it 100% or less. Some goals may be not even worked on and would like to ensure that it is done before its too late and set a goal for 2023.

I have being on and off in terms of exercise and Jog. Though ensured that it is not completely being ignored I did inspite of some breaks in between but ensured that momentum is not lost.

Let see how other Windicers have rated on achieving their goals for 2022? Share yours too.

Soon it will be 2023......