2021 Resolution Status


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Everyone more or less would have kept some or other resolution at beginning of 2021. So what was it and are your still able to continue it or there has being some break on it?

It would be good to look back last 9 months and just introspect ourselves what has being right and for last quarter starting soon of 2021 what we still need to achieve it. This will also set the ball rolling for 2022.
There has being some break on it because China banned all cryptocurrency 😂
Year end getting closer so how many of you are able to continue with 2021 resolutions or infact out of your list how much still continuing with it and how much resolutions broken.
Close to 42 days remaining for the year to this 2021 ending, how is it going with everyone in terms of their 2021 resolution status ? How far have you come to your goal for the year?
13 days remaining to ensure you stick to your resolution and as well plan to set some bigger for 2022. Lets ensure we set an exemplary resolution for new year and make it worth.
Haha I'd probably not include gambling at windice this 2022. Haha xD