16 amazing photos from Google Earth + foto📍


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16 amazing photos from Google Earth + foto📍

1. The blood lake in Iraq
Info: A waste water tank, actually.
2. Amazing reef in Wales?
Info: An artificial fish trap 1000 years ago.
3. An innocent marijuana field
Info: Discovered by Swiss police in 2007.
4. Heart-shaped island
Info: It is located in India and island looks the heart.
5. Arizona Airplane Cemetery
Info: The desert environment protects metal parts.
6. A flying car in Australia
Info: The interesting optical effect has not yet been clarified for sure.
7. Model of the China-India conflict zone
Info: 1: 500 scale military field, based on disputed territory, used to develop combat practices.
8. A car fighting against gravity
Info: Actually the work of the creative Theo van Laar.
9. Presumed location of the sunken treasure
Info: The remains of the old brig, sunk in the canal of the Aransas Pass.
10. Hidden fighter in the parking lot
Info: Supposedly a test model, near the Paris Institute of Technology.
11. A mysterious underwater structure
Info: While they look like traces of an ancient civilization lost at sea, they are part of the scientific depth measurement system.
12. Underwater explosion
Info: Water scooter drowning.
13. Unexplored region in Mozambique
Info: Thanks to this Google Earth tag, placed next to the unusual color of the leaf, many new species could be discovered in this region of the Mozambique jungle.
14. Caves with the remains of prehistoric hominids
Info: Researcher in Johannesburg, South Africa discovered 50 caves with fossils and remains of a new species of hominids thanks to Google Earth.
15. UFO in a city Katowice from Poland
Info: It's saucer - a sports and entertainment hall, located in Katowice.
16. Palm Island, Dubai
Info: Just palm island and it's just artificial island.

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