$15.5 million Slots Jackpot won by someone on Christmas eve? Wow🤩😮😯


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Someone won $15.5 million Slot jackpot this Christmas eve, December 24th? Can you believe that? Very very lucky right?

We all know that Las Vegas is well-known for it's Slot Casinos and everyday, there are people who win nice to huge amount of prizes. But, this one huge win is really crazy, super amazing and an awesome one to be remembered. It really is indeed a holiday miracle for one man who spent his Christmas Eve in one of the Slot Casinos in Vegas.

Last Friday, December 25th, ms. Cortney Moore of Fox News published the story shared by Suncoast Hotel and Casino about a man named Kevin, who won nearly $15.5 million from one of it's slot machines this Thursday night, December 24th.

According to the casino owner, It was the largest slot machine jackpot Nevada has seen in eight years.

Suncoast Casino made a tweet together with a photo about their hidden winner.

Actual tweet:

According to the report shared with Fox News, Kevin won the jackpot from an International Game Technology Megabucks slot machine this Thursday afternoon around 12:30 p.m. He reportedly put only $40 into the machine before his monumental win.

According to Boyd Gaming – owner of Suncoast Casino, it was the largest slot machine jackpot Nevada has seen in eight years.

"It was certainly a Christmas Eve to remember," a spokesman from Boyd Gaming told Fox News. "We’re excited and honored we could play a part in this historic holiday jackpot at the Suncoast."

Kevin, whose identity is being protected for safety reasons, said he divides his time between Las Vegas and Alaska. He told Boyd Gaming that he intends to use his winnings to support his business and "pay it forward."


The odds of winning a jackpot prize from a slot machine are against most players. (iStock)


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Wow this is very cool. What a winning moment indeed, really. Kevin's Christmas eve is trully amazing and awesome. Wooooow 🙀🙀.
Instant millionaire.🤩
Congrats to Kevin. Wow.

How bout you guys?
Do you have unforgettable winning moments this 2020 or unforgettable winning moments from a friend that happened this December 2020?? Share it here. 😊

To all gamblers who wins huge, congrats.
To gamblers who still are struggling to win, just keep pushing and learning how to win it. Never give up. You'll soon get there. Just always remember, not to risk what you can't afford to lose and do not use your rental funds in gambling.
Best of luck always Windice Family. 😊

Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year.
Happy Holidays everyone.
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