Closed 0.03 BTC Contest for Forum users.

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Hello , dear Windice players! :)
Today, to celebrate the forum opening, we will hold a special btc giveaway.
The rules for participation :

The first 10 people who reach the mark of 25 posts and 3 open topics will receive 0.0030000
After achieving the goal, you should notify us in game or in forum ( /pm ganghung ) and we will give you the prize .
Everything is very simple !

Contest rules.
One account per player.
Each post must be constructive and consist of at least 60 symbols, all posts and topics will be checked for uniqueness.
Players who break the rules will banned from the giveaway.
The contest will last until there are 10 winners.

Good luck! :devilish:
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Not open for further replies.