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Walk Around Things Day
Walk Around Things Day is celebrated on April 4 of every year. This day has two different perspectives, one is taking the literal meaning of the day , walking around the things that stands as an obstacle, for an example instead of walking through a park bench or a mud pond, you can walk around them to avoid distraction and to have a peaceful walk. It just means to walk around for some exercise. Another metaphorical meaning for the day is to walk around the problems that may stand in your way. Sometimes it is better to avoid such issues than to deal with them ,to have peace and happiness. Choose wisely on what to walk around.The exact reason for the day is unknown, so you may celebrate the day as you wish.
Even in our busy lives, We windicers will walk around a few things to make the time for our challenge. With that being said lets go make some profit!

  • Win a bet on Crash with the highest profit you are able to achieve.
  • Win a bet on Dice with the highest profit you are able to achieve.
  • To be eligible you must have 2 single bets with at least 2000x multiplier ,( hit 2000x+ on crash , hit 2000x+ on dice)
  • Feel free to edit your posts if you get a higher result.
  • Bets must have been made after the beginning of this promotion.
  • 1 valid entry per household.
  • Changing of seed it not allowed.
  • No multiple accounts.
  • Player is required to have made 10+ Constructive posts on the forum within past 2 months, No Exceptions.

Minimum bet amount:


Prizes (for the top 10):

  1. btc.svg
    1st place: 0.005
  2. btc.svg
    2nd place: 0.004
  3. btc.svg
    3rd place: 0.003
  4. btc.svg
    4th place: 0.002
  5. btc.svg
    5th place: 0.0015
  6. btc.svg
    6th place: 0.001
  7. btc.svg
    7-10th place: 0.000875

Note: In case of a tie, players will be ranked: a) based on whoever bet amount converted to BTC is higher on the day of crediting; b) if further tie occurs, players will be ranked based on the time of posting, that is, the last edit of their entry post on this thread

Thread will be closed on Saturday 11th of April at 11:30am GMT
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вы там адекватные нет?...
Походу нет. Явно что то курят. Сначала в телеге потом здесь. Ну удачи всем если кто то будет делать его.
Баланса такого нет , чтобы делать этот конкурс . Удачи всем.
Aww.. then its time to depo if wanted to join hunt cuz max. Bet from faucet is only 450x.. :)
With such new rules, no one will do it. Or who has millions, but it's unlikely. I am sure if there is one person who fulfills the conditions) With such conditions, you will lose users.
Можно было бы и половить 2к икс, но не такой минимальной ставкой. Если выбить 2 раза по 2к икс такой минимальной ставкой то и призовые не нужны, а если затянет, то призовые даже за первое место и половины не покроют убытка, не говоря уже о других местах.
another ranked? and from 50 to 200 sats with same prize pool? dont like this... i have 3 weeks without play here, see u next week
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