Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Time travel!

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Greetings Windicers!
Many of you, if not all, are familiar with great trilogy "Back to the future". So this week I want invite you to repeat their awesome journey ⏰ All players who achieve the challenge in the next 7 days, will get a share in the prize pool!

  • Hit 4 of the following numbers: 1885, 1955, 1985, 2015. But..
  • This time you need to set bet range as on picture below:
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  • Bets have to be winning.
  • Bets don't have to be consecutive and can be made in any order.
  • Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.(Old bets don't count)
  • 1 valid entry per person.
  • No multiple accounts.
  • 5+ Messages count on the forum.
Minimum bet:


Prize Pool:

0.02000000 (If over 30 participants)​

How to Enter:
Respond to this topic and paste your bet ids.​

Thread will be closed on Saturday 17th of August at 11:30am GMT
I will to enter..good luck for all
#zzxbm95z8nae -2015

#yioktqs85mi0 -1985
#nxvxtpobuyx4 -1885
#l1kwvk3p9rgq -1955


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