⚡ Bitcoin lightning // cheap and instant deposit and payouts support


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Bitcoin +lightning ⚡ Support

Suggesting it.

Most Platforms with Bitcoin Payment accept BTC ⚡ lightning Support that solves all known problems users experience with the most popular crypto that's why we tend to switch the coins and move to other Currency's because of Network fees and it's slowness due the working principle Wich won't be solved but will worsening even more noticeable already on those congestion awaiting payloads...

Now there's a working around making BTC fees as low as possible (default fees 0.001 - 0.10 cents 1 sat - 1 BTC)

Solving loading payloads and slow Network movements

using Bitcoin with Lightning Support is a great way for payments I saw on other Casinos and think Windice should get this Feature too I would save some dollar's on each deposit I make it would be very helpful for me and most other users who deposit daily we wouldn't need to exchange and use BTC directly with the lightning Support variety

By the way BTC lightning isn't a new coin it's just a add on for Bitcoin