“3”Tips you should know before it too late.


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Basically, you should only play for fun and not consider gambling as a short or long term source of income.
Gambling should be seen for what it is : PASTIME AND HOBBY.
So the first tip is 1/ just play for fun.

About the second tip, it is also important that only money is used, which one can easily afford to lose, never use funds that are needed for other obligations, nor should any gambling loans be taken or risked. 2/ only play with money which you can use.

3/ set limits and stick to them,
it is a very good idea to set a fixed daily, weekly limit and to comply with this , this instrument should be used as it does not reduce the chance of winning but only reduces the risk of loss and prevents spontaneous loss of control.
After all I personally believe in 4 words, #GO_HARD_OR_GO_HOME, I mean 5 words LOL.
I understand the logic behind play with the amount that you can afford to lose. But is there really someone who is convenient with losing any portion?
That is the sentiment a casino thrives on. A phrase put in place to justify for people losing.