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    How windice change your life? :)

    if you say that changing lives is too extreme in my opinion, hahaha: D: D it's clear that with this site my community and network are growing even though most of the members here are old people I've met on other sites
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    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    a collection of twin numbers from 0 to 9999 any chance any payout and any base bet
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    How to Earn from Affiliate

    yes but after my partner lost or bust.. im not happy with that :v
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    Best experience in dice. Share here 😊

    while this is only the biggest win I've ever gotten here but after that I was busted haha
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    The Addition Of New Coins ( BCH ETC XLM XRP)

    thanks for your support all
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    Closed [0.01 BTC Ranked] Weekly challenge: Crash test!

    1. #jy0jfaqfsnep 2. #10ztk7lccdm0 3. #b7r1hh5y4fyj 4. #0wtrgzzk16y6 5. #tv25tu3q2yrp 6. #ue657deus9p8 7. #c55hsge1zxm9 8. #ypl9tfx7jt09 9. #xvxg68h4ys6m
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    Minimum amount of faucet to redeem i think maximum is not equal to 15doge how could you raise the minimum amount balance to tip in that huge amount?

    I think your thoughts might be right but not entirely true ... because not all players who have a lot of balance don't participate in chat ... I often find big players active in chat on other sites because they also need socialization ... sorry if there is writing wrong
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    The Addition Of New Coins ( BCH ETC XLM XRP)

    Greetings all, the longer windice members more and more and the game starts to vary with the existence of an accident game but in my personal opinion there are other things that also need to be added, namely other types of coins .. for example XRP, BCH, ETC, XLM and others maybe it can't be done...
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    Closed Let's Strike!

    #9nkyaid2rbvy #adwkpch9217e #i7kijrgoe2em
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    How to Earn from Affiliate

    yup bro same to me but the system not like that
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    Win 250% For Your Balance

    siap master paijo
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    Windice Bot

    that's what I want ... I hope in Windice there is a menu current stats for checking how much rolls from start until hit
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    How to Earn from Affiliate

    and I've gotten a commission for the first time yesterday... thanks all
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    How to Earn from Affiliate

    I think the commission system here is using a wager system, but it isn't