You can win :) 😉


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You can win ;) 😉

Hello all, hope you all are doing well :) here are people with less hope to get payout, specially those who newly join the site. Most of them say Windice is a scamming site or others say it needs deposits so they can win. Let me prove you all wrong who think in either conditions mentioned above.

Let me first congrats him for his first payout.... Congratulations @Nashville for your first and quick payout without even depositing anything.


You may see the duration of this user, he just invested 5 hours of his free time and had the payout, screenshot is attached downward 👇


However, 21 xrp is not a less amount if one wins within his/her early times in the site.

Do you know something interesting?

He got something from the rain and then made it successfully reached to the minimum payout amount :) 😄😄 that is called the consistency and slow game with no hurry and greed 💞💞 . I'm not lying, look his words are evidence of the amount he received from rain :)


You may read these screenshots carefully and can see how much he is happy for these :)

All from him we, new users, can get motivation that no matter we are playing without coins, but the most important thing, chatting perfectly can bring us coins and from those coins we can make it a payout :) actually I myself was one of them, to receive coins from rains and then make them able for withdrawal.