Year 2023 in Windice!

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A new year arrives gentlemen, it is incredible how 2022 flew so fast and we are in January 2023 wow! I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their loved ones, we continue working on the best site Windice, Yes! This year they will also have to put up with me because here I stay hehe and by the way that it is the year of the water rabbit, which begins on January 22 and ends on February 9. People born in the year of the rabbit are the luckiest in the Chinese horoscope They represent the symbol of grace, goodness, personal security and the worship of beauty: That is why they are friendly, speak softly and with some reservation; They also prefer to go unnoticed, they also love comfort and easy living, They avoid conflicts by sometimes seeming to fall into cowardice and laziness, because their absolute priority is the spirit of conservation. They really know how to live and enjoy the little things that life has.
Others may have the false impression that they are fragile beings, The strength of mind and will they have are admirable. A rabbit will pursue his ideals throughout his life in a methodical, precise and incredibly organized way.

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